How to Use Raw Onions for Treating Colds and Stuffy Nose

Hand crafted Onion Remedy for Colds and Stuffy Nose:


Red onions





Stage 1 – Peel and Cut Onions

Pick red onions, peel and afterward cut into thin cuts. All onions contain restorative properties and are successful in treating colds, yet red onions have the most elevated amount of quercetin, which is a flavonoid high in cancer prevention agents that battle free radicals and repress histamine creation.

Stage 2 – Put the Onions in a Bowl and Pour Honey

Utilize simply enough nectar to coat the onion cuts. Doing this will help reduce the seriousness of the taste or "warmth" of the onions.

Additionally, this will bring out a greater amount of the energy of nectar as a characteristic hack suppressant. A few assortments of nectar additionally have quercetin.

Stage 3 – Store the Onion Slices in the Refrigerator

Put the onion cuts in the fridge and leave overnight. Devour them toward the beginning of the day. Likewise, any extra nectar that has been secured and injected with onion properties, may likewise be devoured.

Stage 4 – Add Onions to Dishes

You can likewise include onions into your dinners. Crude onions might be added to sandwiches, soups and numerous different formulas. Additionally, onions might be added to any sweet or appetizing dishes. The objective is to eat whatever number crude onions as could reasonably be expected for the treatment of your condition without trading off your eating routine.


– Onions are best expended crude when you are battling a stuffy nose and colds. Be that as it may, cooked onions don't lose quite a bit of their supplements and may likewise be eaten for its medical advantages.


Onions assimilate microscopic organisms when they are presented to air and ought to be kept in an icebox.

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